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Dryhead Cattle Drives

SPRING CATTLE DRIVES - The spring cattle drive season starts in mid-April to early May with three cattle drives from Wyoming to Montana. They trail between 250 to 300 mother cows with their calves over an old Sioux trail that stretches between 50 miles from Wyoming to Montana. A hearty meal and a warm bed back at the ranch await you at days end.

SEPTEMBER CATTLE DRIVES - The September cattle drives are the last two weeks in September. They gather and trail cows from mountain pastures and bring 300 pair of mother cows and calves to the ranch corrals to wean the calves and pregnancy test the cows. They look for any strays that have been missed and return the cows to their mountain pastures. They do this both weeks covering both sides of the ranch. This is a full week of all day rides and working and sorting cows and calves. The scenery on these drives is beyond description and the fall colour’s in the mountains are breathtaking and the riding is wonderful.

FALL CATTLE DRIVES - The fall cattle drive begins the fourth week in October. They do a couple of days of riding outside the ranch boundaries to make sure they have all of the heifers before gathering everything to the corral and start them down the trail toward Wyoming. This drive takes three days and covers 50 miles into Wyoming. You will return to the Dryhead Ranch each night of the drive for a wonderful home cooked meal and a warm dry bed. Bring warm clothing. Fall is a varied season to ride in Montana. The trail home to Wyoming is full of varied temperatures and varied challenges and rugged awesome beauty. This is a real cowboy experience, one you will remember forever.

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