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Kaskazi Horse Safaris is a privately guided horseback operation in Northern Tanzania. Who’s focus lies with horses and Safaris off the beaten path, due to the owner’s many years of experience within the Safari industry, Kaskazi designs unforgettable safaris in Tanzania.Each safari is led by qualified and professionally trained guides, always pushing for a new and exhilarating adventure. Whether you would like to unfold Africa’s beauty by horseback or by foot, Kaskazi will share its enthusiasm and tell stories that will stay with you forever. The routes are off the beaten track and with a vast knowledge about the countries fauna and flora, they go deep into the bush and together enjoy the wonders that Africa has to offer, the magnificent wildlife, the scenery and the magical interaction with the local tribes who inhabit these areas.Serengeti Ride. Situated in northern Tanzania, the Serengeti ecosystem spans approximately 12,000 square miles across the border between Kenya and Tanzania.

The Serengeti Migration Safari explores the area of Piyaya, a remote and little visited part of the Serengeti ecosystem to the east within the Loliondo Controlled Area, where the landscape is rugged with open, sweeping grasslands interspersed with striking granite kopjes. Adjoining the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem and Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the Loliondo Controlled Area is teeming with magnificent wildlife on the eastern corridor of the Serengeti and offers an adventurous horseback safari.

Ride through Masai territory, where these nomadic tribes have been hunting and herding for thousands of years. The safari has been timed to give you the best chance of seeing the migration of wildebeest from the Masai Mara back to the grassy plains of the Serengeti. However, not all animals participate in this migration, and so the game is plentiful all year round.Game sightings can never be guaranteed, but along with the possibility of seeing the wildebeest migration there should be plenty of other game spread across plains with zebra, Thompson’s and Grant’s gazelles and impala all following the grass in the wake of the rainy season.

You may also see small herds of elephant, Cape buffalo, topi and waterbuck, as well as Masai giraffe, eland and hartebeest, jackal, caracal, and primates including baboons, vervet and colobus monkeys.Natron Ride. Some of the most scenic landscape in Africa is found in Northern Tanzania and this remote and beautiful region is the perfect location to enjoy a mobile horse safari.  This is particularly true for those choosing to experience the Natron Ride with the scenery rather than the wildlife being the main attraction. Riding along the foot of the active Oldonyo Lengai volcano creates an incredible moonlike landscape with rolling hills, canyons and the pink – yes pink - Lake Natron, home to enormous flocks of flamingos. Elephants and large cats are very rarely seen here however there are still large herds of wildebeest and zebras grazing the open areas.This ride caters for fit, intermediate riders only. On arrival you will enjoy a night in the comfort of our permanent lodge situated just 25 minutes from Kilimanjaro International Airport. T

The following seven nights are spent on the move as you experience our mobile camp. On the day of your departure, a day room is provided for you to relax and enjoy the final hours of your trip.Kilimanjaro Elephant Ride. On this 7-nights safari you are surrounded by four giants: Mt Longido, Mt Namanga, Mt Meru and most famous of all, Mt Kilimanjaro. Two days are spent following in the footsteps of the largest mammal on earth, the elephant and there are opportunities for some long gallops. Six nights are spent in mobile camps. A chance to ride in one of the most beautiful parks in East Africa, Arusha National Park. With a good chance of seeing elephants, buffaloes, all your plains game, leopards and much more. This ride is true awe inspiring and the memories will live with you for a very long time.Please Request Detailed Itineraries , Dates of Trip and Prices.

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