Namibia Horse Safaris

These Namibia hose safaris offers guests the experience of the beauty and wilderness of Namibia by horseback.  Horse Riding in Namibia equals infinite space and solitude under blue skies and everlasting sunshine - riding where horses are still horses and allowed to live naturally, without pampering. Where scenery is too awesome to be described in words, where space is unlimited and where nature shows little or no human impact.Your horse will be chosen from a mixed herd of many breeds i.e. Arab, Haflinger, Trakehner, ranch horses, they are small to medium-sized (14.3 to 16 hands) sure-footed horses raised on rough terrain, some of them with experience in endurance riding. You will travel through rocky hills and riverbeds, gravel plains and open sandy plains - sometimes the going is tough and difficult and can be quite challenging. Occasionally you may need to dismount and walk with your horse for some sections. The longer rides are more challenging so requires riders with strong personalities, and a sense of humour that will see you through the tough moments and these rides are really suitable for advanced riders. The shorter rides are less strenuous and are suitable for intermediate riders. On average we cover 20-50 km a day, spending six to eight hours in the saddle. Pace depends on the terrain and temperatures as well as on fitness and weight of riders.Most guests prefer to sleep out under the canopy of desert stars - a very special experience! But tents (2 guest sharing) are provided at most camps and we can supply single tents if required and circumstances make it possible. Comfortable chairs and camp beds are provided with bedrolls consisting of a canvas bag (swag) containing an insulating mattress, duvet and pillow.  You are welcome to add your own personal sleeping bag to the roll if you feel you might get cold. 

Camp is normally pitched at sunset with meals prepared on the open fire, usually a ‘braai’ or ‘potjie’ (casserole) - typically Namibian and often a surprise. All rides stay in Guest farms/ lodges/ guesthouses on the first and last nights of the ride. These accommodations vary but are all comfortable, twin-bedded rooms, mostly with en-suite facilities.Namib Desert Ride. Crossing the oldest desert in the world on horseback is a journey of a lifetime! This 10 or 11 night ride is also one of the toughest rides in the world and not for the faint hearted. Tremendously rewarding, it challenges you the rider and builds mutual respect between yourself and your horse. Central Namibia offers spectacular and fascinating contrasts; from Khomas Hochland mountains and escarpment to the Kuiseb Canyon; the Tinkas, Tumas and Welwitschia plains, Moon Valley, the seasonal Swakop River and the coastal dunes of the Atlantic Ocean.Damara Elephant Ride.

This is a truly exceptional 10 night ride - where else could you see elephant and rhino in a desert habitat? You will be surprised at how they have adapted to this harsh environment. Largely inaccessible, Damaraland is a spectacular part of Namibia. Amazing colours and vast open spaces that will blow your mind, ancient craters and remnants of prehistoric times, not to mention the forbidding Skeleton Coast. We could encounter elephant, rhino, cheetah and plains game, or be caught by rivers in flood, all of which combines in a remarkable and unforgettable adventure.

Greater Fish River Canyon Ride. With a combination of dramatic canyon landscapes, spacious desert plains and the mighty Orange River, this 10 night ride offers the opportunity to experience both inaccessible Namibia and real wilderness areas, while riding without limitations. The Fish River Canyon area is world renowned as one of Africa’s most magnificent sites; it is also the second largest canyon in the world. Riding begins in the upper Fish River canyon, before Nama Karoo plains invite you for endless canters, only to be stopped by the Orange/Gariep River, which forms the southern border of Namibia. Distances covered daily will vary between 20 and 50 kilometres.This ride crosses over two private parks; Gondwana Park and Aussenkehr Park and together covering an area of about 237,000 ha, dedicated to conservation and tourism. These Parks fall within the Nama Karoo Desert biome and are on the fringe of the transitional area between Nama Karoo and Succulent Karoo, the Orange River basin at Aussenkehr being the most arid part of the Nama Karoo biome. Aussenkehr Park is also home to a small Namib Ferral Horse population, descended from seventeen horses of the original wild horse population at Garub in the Namib Desert, relocated during the 1992 drought. Southern Namib Lodge Ride.

Experience the finest the Namib desert has to offer: the massive Star Dunes of the Namib Sand Sea, endless plains stretching into infinity. Landscapes dotted with sentinel inselbergs (island mountains), ephemeral rivers with their ancient Camelthorn trees. Unimpeded vistas that quite take your breath away - all while enjoying the overnight comfort of charming Desert Lodges. Marvel at Sesriem Canyon and the renowned Sossusvlei, ride with Oryx, Ostrich and Mountain Zebra across the plains of one of the largest private nature reserves in Southern Africa. Visit the Wild Horses at Garub on the edge the highly diverse Sperrgebiet biome. This 7 night ride includes some of the most scenic desert landscapes in the world. Shorter rides of 3-5 nights also available in the Desert Horses Area. Please Request Detailed Itineraries , Dates of Trip and Prices.